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A simple and profound new model for making choices. This book will help you make the best choices in life and business.

The best choices = the best life and business

Andrea Defries has over twenty years’ experience of business consulting and coaching working with individuals and businesses helping them to make choices to enhance their lives and businesses. She has also spent many years learning from spiritual teachers. It is with this fusion of business and spiritual learning that she has written this book. Recognising there is no word for making choices, Andrea created the name Choiceables®.

Paperback edition:
124pp • 129 x 198 mm

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The Choiceables Model is a great toolkit for discussion. It enabled me to consider what choices are important to me now, why, and what I am going to do next.

Business Coach

I always think I am in the process of and not in the completing. The structure of the Choiceables Model helped me to consider the most important choices and make them. I feel much better now I have a clear strategy and action plan.

Owner, Start-up business

I love this clear, simple but deeply empowering and inspirational new book that opens our eyes and our hearts to seeing who we each, truly are. Using how we make choices, Andrea provides us with a unique model to significantly understand ourselves better and to improve the daily choices we make. I highly recommend you read this perceptive and wise little book and adopt Andrea's intelligent Choiceables Model, to change your life in under an hour. Thank you – a beautifully presented guidebook for everyday life and business life, with a solid and sincere, spiritual foundation.

Wendy Yorke, author, editor, and book coach

Thought provoking and loving arranged, with powerful techniques to help make choices.

Colin Brown, former British Film Commissioner

In Choiceables, Andrea offers an elegant, encouraging, and practical model for exploring how we make choices. Within a few days of reading this beautiful book, I have already noticed a subtle, gentle shift in my choice-making processes.

N. Jameson, Consultant

The Choiceables Model helped me reflect on my thoughts and processes. It guided me to access my creative energy and separate myself from the business. I now have a refined business plan that links my vision and values with my objectives that is exciting and practical. I loved the model – it really works.

Dr Elizabeth Jordan, Systemic and Organisational Consultant