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“We need insightful inspiring leaders, simple coherent strategies and continuous clear communication.  Further, we need to show respect and compassion to others and importantly to ourselves. The role of the Happy Business Consultancy is to help you make choices that will achieve this with simplicity, creativity and clarity.”

I will help you:

  • Make choices that support you to achieve your vision and objectives
  • Communicate what excellence means to your company in a way that people understand and fits with your culture
  • Encourage positivity and compassion for yourself, your colleagues, your suppliers and your customers
  • Develop leaders to deliver on your vision
  • Achieve productivity and profitability in a way that make people feel good about themselves and others
  • Remain focused on the needs of your customers and other key stakeholders

So that you can:

  • Achieve productivity and profitability
  • Retain and attract talented people
  • Achieve a positive, trusting and compassionate company culture
  • Deliver sustainable excellence

The Happy Business Consultancy founder

Andrea Defries

Andrea is an insightful, practical and creative business consultant and qualified executive coach. She started her career in sales and marketing in a large multi-national company and then moved into consulting mostly working with entrepreneurs and senior management teams in small and medium sized businesses.

Her specialisms are leadership and people development, business strategy, and internal and external stakeholder engagement. She helps clients to see the big picture, view issues from different perspectives and focus on what’s important.
 Her aim is to develop her client’s ability to think differently and find simple solutions to achieve their vision and goals.

Andrea’s work is informed from integrating over 25 years’ of working with individuals and organisations mostly around strategic problem solving and people development, and a lifetime’s personal enquiry including learning from spiritual masters in India. This combination of business and spiritual learning provides her with a unique perspective from which to support clients. She believes this approach is essential for success in our new economic age.

Andrea helped us to refine our company strategy, hone our business plan and overcome our stumbling blocks. She very quickly understood our business and was able to make some great recommendations for different areas for improvement.

Director, IT company

Andrea helped us focus on our key strategic objectives and separate them from our operational day to day running of the business. We also each benefitted from leadership development sessions where Andrea managed to draw out our individual qualities and strengths.

Director, Private vocational college

Andrea’s structure, experience and impetus has been a significant factor in the successful implementation of our new strategic action plan by the senior management team.

Director, Branding and Marketing Company

Andrea helped us understand our needs, identify and agree the key stakeholders, clarify and communicate our messages, and develop simple systems to monitor risk and keep the project on track. We were very pleased with the result.

Director of Communications, Government Agency

Andrea is an excellent communicator, always demonstrating objectivity and tact. We will greatly miss her wise counsel and creativity”

Owner, PR Agency

Andrea is a tremendously personable, creative and experienced person. She is perceptive and intelligent, very good at drawing people out to get the best from them and for them

CEO, Media Business

Andrea facilitated our annual strategic planning day with flair and focus. She was able to engage with all the participants in order to draw out people’s strengths and ideas – the group was diverse – MP’s staff and local volunteers.

If I were to sum up Andrea’s strengths it would be her ability to quickly understand your situation help structure and focus your planning and act as a sounding board as the company develops. You should see Andrea as an important part of your team.

Owner, Design Agency

Andrea has helped us review our aims and objectives and has a special talent for spotting areas that need attention in the business, but can be overlooked

CEO, Retail

Andrea has been most helpful to me in growing my business profitably from £10 million to £30 million turnover over the past 5 years. During this time, we have improved our overall planning and strategy; and increased sales.  I am now in a position where I will be selling the company

Owner, Financial sector

Andrea can work with some highly skilled professionals including:

Anne Miller

Anne is a Chartered Director, MBA-qualified business consultant (CMC, MIC) who started off in consultancy on the ‘hard’ side i.e. finance, operations, strategy and technology in UK and overseas but in over 20 years of working with clients came to recognise that in any business it’s the people that make it succeed and her focus on making things work better grew into a passion for developing people.

Anne refocused her ability to enthuse people to uncover talent and positivity across organisations, becoming CIPD, Psychometric and Mentor qualified, accredited to the British Psychological Society and is a member of the European Network for Positive Psychology.

She still helps organisations to be efficient and well-led with the Happy Business Consultancy but now uses people and productivity-centred routes to get there.

Richard da Costa

Richard is a senior Design Director with a wide range of experience including 16 years as Architectural Design Director at Design in Action and Special Environments Director at Conran Design.

As a consultant with The Happy Business Consultancy, Richard designs uplifting and pragmatic working environments to enhance people’s productivity and well-being.

Richard can also provide resources for design, marketing and exhibitions.

Dr Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth is a Doctor of Psychotherapy, an Organisational Consultant, Clinical Supervisor, Researcher and Doctoral Examiner of Training Psychotherapists.
Over the last 30 years Elizabeth has worked in the helping profession both as a Private Consultant as well as being an innovative University Counselling Service Manager.

Her specialism in Organisation Consultancy has been informed also by her systemic training in group analysis and family therapy which adds further depth and breadth to the holistic component to her Integrative Psychotherapeutic / Consultancy work.